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                             Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5
The world's leading open source application platform

On one certified platform, Red Hat Enterprise Linux offers your choice of:

      Applications - Thousands of certified ISV applications
      Deployment - Including standalone or virtual servers, cloud computing, or software appliances
      Hardware - Wide range of platforms from the world's leading hardware vendors

This gives IT departments unprecedented levels of operational flexibility. And it gives ISVs unprecedented market reach when delivering applications. Certify once, deploy anywhere. All while providing world-class performance, security, and stability. And unbeatable value.

This is why Red Hat is the platform of choice.

      Watch the 07 November Red Hat technology vision webcast

Linux Automation

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is a central component of Red Hat’s Linux Automation strategy, which covers all facets of the IT environment necessary to enable any application to be run anywhere, at any time. The strategy creates an infrastructure which is built for automation, including virtualization, identity management, high availability, and performance capabilities.

    * Blog: Linux Automation. Any application, anywhere, anytime.
    * Red Hat Enterprise MRG extends Linux Automation with performance, scale, and reliability
    * Learn how to reduce costs using Linux Automation

Eliminate barriers to adoption

Red Hat Enterprise Linux solutions, in combination with other Red Hat technologies-such as JBoss middleware solutions - provide the easy, no-risk path to open source cost savings. Use commodity hardware. Interoperate easily with existing UNIX and Windows infrastructure. Deploy applications you know and trust. Reduce system administration costs through high server/admin ratios and desktop-to-mainframe consistency.
Eliminate economic constraints

Basing your solution on open source technologies wherever practical - from the virtualization hypervisor to the SOA middleware to the end user application - guarantees you'll make the most of your IT budget. Despite what vendors of single solutions tell you about their product’s cost - it’s the overall total cost that matters. And open source solutions offer lower total costs:

      Lower capital expense and operational expense
      Elimination of vendor lock-in - puts the customer in control.
      Proven superior product quality - better security, higher performance
      Technology leadership - driven by industry-wide collaboration
      Flexibility - deploy what you need, when you need, how you need it

Broadest open source ecosystem

Customers using new deployment paradigms, including virtualization, need the confidence they can deploy on the widest range of hardware and applications - now and in the future. Red Hat’s open source development brings you the world's largest open source ecosystem of certified hardware and software.
Applications: Certify once-deploy anywhere

Red Hat Enterprise Linux provides a standardized environment for your applications so they can be deployed however your business requires. And Red Hat application partners need only certify their applications once.

With over 3000 applications certified to run on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, you can run the application you need, where you need it, today.
Choose your preferred way to deploy

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the most flexible operating system environment available. Enterprise Linux solutions are ideal for all of these deployment types - using the same applications. Deploy whichever environment best suits your business:


      Standalone or "bare metal" systems
      This is the most common environment for servers today. Red Hat Enterprise Linux scales from desktop and laptop systems, to small servers, to the largest SMP servers and to mainframes. And, of course, it is ideal for blade and rack environments - especially today's popular 4-CPU quad-core systems.
          o Learn more about Red Hat Enterprise Linux servers
          o Learn more about Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop clients


      Virtualized systems, which offer improved resource management and operational flexibility through features such as live migration, dynamic resource allocation, high availability, and clustering. Enterprise Linux provides the industry’s highest performance, complete virtualization capability, for no additional charge.

      Virtualization is the fastest growing method of deployment - up to 15% of all servers are expected to be virtualized in the next five years. Virtualization lets you maximize your resources and increase deployment flexibility and responsiveness.
          o Learn more about Red Hat Enterprise Linux virtualization


      Software as a Service
      Software-as-a-Service, or cloud computing deployments, allows customers to extend their compute resources outside the walls of the data center - providing an on-demand infrastructure that can scale to up or down to meet business requirements. Red Hat Enterprise Linux is available as a certified and supported platform deployed on Amazon’s Elastic Computing Cloud - EC2.
          o Learn more about Red Hat and Amazon


      Red Hat Enterprise Linux-based appliances allow ISVs to distribute applications pre-packaged as complete solutions, including the operating system, simplifying deployment, management, and maintenance. Red Hat's appliance strategy covers a wide range of deployment opportunities, including:
          o Fully featured application stacks available through Red Hat Exchange
          o Lightweight portable media solutions - self-contained, easily provisioned tokens such as USB keys and live CDs providing a portable, low-cost application environment.
          o Learn more about Red Hat Appliance Operating System

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